New technological milestone reached

Jun 11, 2024
New technological milestone reached

Eivind Søvik, Senior Information Technology Consultant - Unisea and Terje Gjerde, ICT Manager - Simon Møkster Shipping. Photo: Unisea

The year 2024 has marked a significant milestone in our journey as we have successfully equipped all our vessels with highspeed internet access through Starlink. This advancement allows our ships to utilize cloud services and social media platforms effectively, enabling them to solve tasks more efficiently and stay connected with services on land, as well as family, regardless of location and weather. Through our strong partnerships with Marlink and Unisea, we have reached this milestone and we look ahead towards our next major technological advancement.

Illustration by Unisea

Statement from Marlink:

Marlink, the leading smart networks and digital solutions company, has completed a fleet-wide upgrade of its hybrid network solution for long-time client Simon Møkster Shipping to accelerate the company’s digitalisation programme.

The upgrade to Marlink’s Sealink Nextgen solution, which includes the Starlink LEO service, enables the company to utilise standard office software applications including MS-TEAMS as its default collaboration platform and primary voice channel.

Simon Møkster Shipping sought a hybrid solution that would optimise its operations around high throughput connectivity and managed networks, reflecting the challenging locations in which its fleet operates. The possibility suite delivered by Marlink includes a fully-managed hybrid network including guaranteed bandwidth and high-performance low latency services , with bandwidth available for both corporate users and crew. Simon Møkster Shipping was among the first operators to deploy the hybrid network solution and has progressively upgraded its fleet to ensure high quality and reliability, treating its vessels as floating offices.

The company reports positive feedback from its crews for the full availability of social media which is made available free of charge, with high LEO bandwidth across the North Sea and Barents Sea. Based on Marlink's extensive experience in end-to-end management of networks for global maritime customers, its engineering teams were able to blend the new and existing networks to optimise throughput availability and quality of service and support the ongoing digitalisation of Simon Møkster Shipping's operations.

Simon Møkster Shipping is a leading provider of modern, high-specification support vessels to the offshore energy sector, operating 15 vessels designed for operations in harsh weather conditions. From its head office in Stavanger, Norway it mainly operates in the North and the Barents Seas with approximately 500 employees in onshore and offshore roles.

“Our company is one for which the values of quality, integrity and hard work are engrained within our staff and our fleet operations, especially when it comes to safe and efficient sailing,” said Terje Gjerde, Simon Møkster Shipping.

“This next stage of our journey will see us engage with a new era of digital operations, with vessels and shore teams working as one regardless of their physical location.” “Simon Møkster Shipping is one of the innovators of the ‘floating office’ concept and has consistently challenged Marlink to support its cutting-edge approach to digital operations,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President, Maritime, Marlink. “This upgrade demonstrates to the wider industry that with a managed network, it is possible to leave behind bespoke software for the shared benefits of standardization.”

Link to Marlink's press release

Statement from Unisea:

In the world of maritime operations, teamwork, and technological progress are essential for success. The long-standing partnership between UniSea and Simon Møkster Shipping (SMS) has just hit a new milestone with an innovative IT as a Service (ITaaS) agreement. This collaboration marks a significant step towards integrating technology deeply into maritime activities, offering improved efficiency, connectivity, and crew well-being.

UniSea and SMS, in their years of close collaboration, have not only tackled the challenges of the maritime industry but also reaped mutual benefits. SMS, known for its innovative mindset, has consistently pushed boundaries, while UniSea has been a reliable source of support and expertise in maritime software solutions. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared value it brings.

The recent signing of the ITaaS agreement between UniSea and SMS marks a significant milestone in the partnership, highlighting Unisea’s dedication to advancing maritime technology. The agreement introduces Unisea’s innovative IT solutions to SMS vessels, transforming maritime operations. With this partnership, SMS vessels will gain access to cutting-edge technology, including fast internet connectivity via Starlink, boosting their competitiveness in the industry.

SMS’s commitment to innovation is evident in its provision of fast internet on all vessels, powered by Starlink technology. This high-speed internet not only enhances business operations but also significantly improves the quality of life for crew members onboard. With seamless connectivity, crew members can stay connected with their loved ones and access essential online services, contributing to their overall well-being and morale during long voyages.

Implementing solutions to enhance communication significantly boosts functionality, particularly in enabling robust voice and video communication capabilities across multiple platforms and devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Through the ITaaS agreement, Unisea and SMS are poised to drive further technological advancements and operational efficiency in the maritime industry. By embracing innovation and fostering strong partnerships with visionary companies like Simon Møkster, UniSea is not only staying ahead but also setting new standards for excellence in the technology sector of maritime operations.

The collaboration between UniSea and Simon Møkster Shipping exemplifies how teamwork and innovation can drive positive change in the maritime industry. With the ITaaS agreement in place, SMS is ready to utilize cut-ting-edge technology to enhance operations and sup-port the well-being of its crew members. As the maritime industry evolves, partnerships like this will continue to shape the future of maritime innovation.

Link to Unisea's press release