Simon Møkster Shipping is a supplier of modern support vessels for the offshore energy sector with high quality specifications, designed for operations in harsh weather conditions. The company's head office is located in Stavanger, Norway and main operational area is the North- and the Barents Sea. Simon Møkster Shipping has a fleet of 15 vessels and approximately 500 employees onshore and offshore. Simon Møkster Shipping is 100% owned by the Møkster family.

Simon Møkster Shipping's aim is to provide our clients with a diversified service, which includes Rescue, NOFO Oil Recovery, Fire Fighting, in addition to Supply and Multi field service.

We have a long term perspective for both ownership and chartering activities. Strong focus on sustainability, health, safety, environment and quality are fundamental for all of Møkster's activities.



The company was established in 1968 in Stavanger by Captain Simon Møkster (1936-1992). Simon Møkster was from the island Møkster, which is located in the Austevoll archipelago, south-west of Bergen. The first vessel he purchased was MV "Mokstein" and this was the start of a 25 years history where Simon Møkster purchased, operated and sold 107 vessels. Sale and purchase was a contributing factor to the continued growth of the company.

Møkster entered the offshore market in 1981 by purchasing and converting the fishing vessel "Strilmøy" into a standby/rescue vessel. "Strilmøy" was at that time the most advanced standby/rescue vessel in operation on the Norwegian continental shelf. Møkster was regarded as one of the pioneers within the standby/rescue segment and became the largest owner and manager of vessels within the standby/rescue segment.

Møkster continued to grow the business within the offshore segment and gradually divested traditional shipping tonnage.

The word ”stril” was in 1975 used for the first time as part of Møkster’s name on a ship. Being from Møkster/Austevoll meant that Simon Møkster was a ”stril” something he regarded as a brand of quality, integrity and hard work. All vessels owned by Simon Møkster Shipping are therefore branded with the name ”stril” as part of the ship-name. Simon Møkster Shipping is today a fully integrated offshore shipping company.

"I like to see the white light from the lighthouse when I work late hours, it gives a feeling of confidence and reminds me of the days as navigator. When in white sector you know that you have enough water under your keel. When in green and red, then you have to change course" – quote from Simon Møkster.




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Mission Statement

Norwegian shipping company with an infinite perspective


Through safe operations, zero injuries and an environmentally friendly profile, we aim to generate revenue and innovation in the maritime sector.

Core values

  • Courageous
  • Responsible
  • Long term