Environmental Report 2019

Mar 10, 2020
Environmental Report 2019

Simon Møkster Shipping's Environmental Report for 2019 has now been published. 2019 saw a 10 % reduction in CO2 emissions, which is an important stepping stone in reaching our ambitions of 40 % reduction of climate gas emissions by 2030 and working towards net-zero emissions in 2050.

Simon Møkster Shipping has always shown strong initiative for implementing new environmentally friendly technologies. During 2019, shore power connections were installed on the Stril Luna and Stril Barents, with installation planned for three additional vessels in 2020. The Stril Barents was also converted to a battery-LNG hybrid which has further greatly improved the fuel economy of the vessel.

Overall, the MGO and LNG consumption of the Møkster fleet was reduced by 9 % and 25 % respectively in 2019 compared to 2018. NOx and SOx emissions reduced by 22 % and 25 % respectively.

The full report is available below (only in Norwegian)

Klima og Miljørapport 2019.pdf