Oct 3, 2022

We are happy to announce our top performers of this year’s Summer Emissions Reduction Campaign 2022 in cooperation with VPS, utilizing their Maress software.

During this year’s campaign the vessels have competed against each of their own’s baseline in a respective “Mode” of operation within their segment.
The vessels have been divided into two segments - Transit for PSV/OSV and Standby mode for the ERRV’s.

This year’s top performers are,

Transit mode:
1. Stril Mar with an increased efficiency of 34%
2. Stril Barents with an increased efficiency of 26%
3. Stril Pioner with an increased efficiency of 21%

Standby mode:
1. Stril Poseidon with an increased efficiency of 36%
2. Stril Mariner with an increased efficiency of 25%
3. Stril Merkur with an increased efficiency of 16%

Congratulations to the top performers! 😊

We are also happy to see the commitment around this campaign, and how the entire fleet has participated to reduce their own consumption and emissions throughout the summer.

Well done everybody!

There is also our yearly campaign where all vessels are competing for the overall reduction in fuel consumption/emissions with regards to all operational modes. The winner will be announced early next year.

Visualization and data from Maress, provided by VPS.

Photo M/V Stril Mar: M. Vika
Photo M/V Stril Poseidon: SMS office