Battery hybridization of vessels

Jan 12, 2023
Battery hybridization of vessels


For several years, Simon Møkster Shipping has reduced its emissions from the fleet with the help of various measures. The company has clear ambitions to continue its emission reductions and as part of this ongoing work, it is now investing further in green technology - this time in the form of hybridization of additional two vessels.


Hybridization of these vessels will not only provide significant emission reductions, but also provide increased control and higher safety margins as it is installed in addition to existing engines on board. During demanding operations at sea, such as dynamic positioning along installations, large load variations can occur. The battery will act as an energy buffer that delivers the necessary energy immediately and thus much faster than an internal combustion engine.


The two vessels that will now be hybridized are:


Stril Mar (2016)

Stril Mar is the company's newest PSV vessel and currently she operates on a long-term contract with Equinor. As part of the cooperation with Equinor, this vessel will be upgraded with a battery system.

SEAM will be responsible for the delivery and integration of a battery system of 868 kWh as well as an upgrade of the ship's control and DP system. The installation is scheduled to be completed within the first quarter of 2024.


Stril Server(2014)

Stril Serveris a combination vessel that works within the Diving / ROV and W2W markets. The vessel will shortly enter a long-term contract with DeepOcean. As part of this cooperation, a 620kWh battery system from SEAM will be installed on the vessel in Q1 2024. In addition to the battery itself, both control and DP systems will be upgraded. A shore power connection system will also be installed. The project has been granted support from ENOVA.


Both vessels will satisfy DNV's class notation Battery Power upon completion of the projects.


Emission reduction

As a result of these two projects, a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions is expected. A total annual CO2 reduction of approximately 2000 tonnes of CO2 has been estimated as a result of these two projects. The projects are important contributions to achieving the company's climate ambitions in the coming years and are one of many measures to ensure that the company achieves its emission reduction targets.


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Anne Jorunn Møkster - CEO

Tom Karlsen - CTO



Gunvald Mortvedt - CEO

Stian Risdal - Sales Director


About Simon Møkster Shipping AS:

Simon Møkster Shipping AS is a norwegian privately owned shipping Company. The Company ownes and operates 15 highly advanced offshore vessels and is also delivering crew to additional vessel not owned by the Company. The Company employs about 600 persons in total.

About SEAM AS:

SEAM is among the leaders in the development of zero-emission solutions for ships and the maritime industry and has extensive experience with the development and integration of hybrid system for offshore ships. The company is based in Karmøy and currently have around 130 employees.


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Photo: Morten Vika