Photo Contest 2019

To highlight some of the great photos taken across our fleet we have arranged for a photo contest in 2019. 

Rules for our photo contest:
Use of photos from the competition:
The photographer will be credited and owns the rights to the image, but the company reserves the right to use the pictures internally and on our social channels.

Evaluation of winners:
All submitted photos will be posted on a common location for office employees, where everyone can cast their vote on the image they like best. If there is the same numbers of votes, the winner will be decided by rolling a dice.
The image is judged by motive.

Theme of the month is: 

January: Winter
The winner for January is Stril Barents. Photo: Kai-Roger Brox

February: Cooperation
The winner for February is Stril Mar. Photo: Ruben Espeland
The photo shows Stril Mar bunkering a Skjold class corvette during the NATO exercise "Trident Jnucture"

March: Base activity
The winner for March is Stril Mariner. Photo: Pauli Hammer
The photo shows Stril Mariner at the NOFO quay in Tananger

April: Spring
The winner for April is Stril Polar. Photo Bård Monsen.
Spring at Valhall oil field.

May: Maintenance
Winner for the photo competition for May 2019 is Stril Merkur.
Maintenance in forepeaktank during docking in Stavanger(Photographer: Jònsvein Berg)

June: MOB boat
Winner for the photo competition for june 2019 is Stril Merkur.
MOB-Drill (Photographer: Hedin Magnussen)

July: Summer
August: Navigation
September: Exercise
October: Autumn
November: Food
December: Social 

Published 20.03.2012
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