Stril Mar delivered to Simon Møkster Shipping

Today, the third of March, our New build named Stril Mar was officially delivered from Gondan to Simon Møkster Rederi. The vessel and its crew will do some familiarization and training before it sails towards the North Sea where it will be traded. The vessel will replace Strilmøy and do some work for ExxonMobil the first couple of weeks.

The vessel is a UT776 WP design and is equipped with the Unified Bridge system as her sister vessel Stril Luna. In addition to all of Stril Lunas capabilities the vessel is equipped with FIFI II. It is built for work in harsh environments with Winterization notation.

The full class notations are:
Det Norske Veritas +1A1, E0, SF, Offshore Service Vessel Supply, DK(+), HL(2.8), LFL*, DYNPOS AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(2), NAUTOSV( A), OILREC, BWM-T, STANDBY-VESSEL (150), Winterization, ICE 1C, FIFI II

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