Simon Møkster Shipping AS is a supplier of modern offshore support vessels with high quality specifications, designed for operations in harsh weather conditions.The company's head office is located in Stavanger, Norway and main operational area is the North- and the Barents Sea. Møkster has a fleet of 23 vessels and approximately 500 employees onshore and offshore. Simon Møkster Shipping is 100% owned by the Møkster family.

Møksters aim is to provide our clients with a diversified service, which includes Rescue, NOFO Oil Recovery, Fire Fighting, in addition to Supply and Multi field service.
Møkster has a long term perspective for both ownership and chartering activities. Strong focus on health, safety, environment and quality are fundamental for all of Møksters activities.

In addition to live up to our Vision and Values, Møkster shall also live and work by its slogan, ALWAYS READY!

Published 20.03.2012
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