During the last couple of years Simon Møkster Shipping has been involved in operations in the renewables sector. Among projects that has been conducted:
1. Stril Server as a frontrunner for the vessel Acta Orion on the Dutch sector. Vessel installed with Ampelmann and boat landing.
2. Stril Server as accommodation vessel for Siemens at the Westermost Project. Vessel installed ampelmann and boat landing.
3. Stril Explorer dooing UXO survey and clearance on the British sector.
4. Stril Explorer for Total at the Dutch sector. Vessel equipped with Ampelmann.
Our vessels has good DP capability (ERN 99,99,99,90), large deck and under deck capacities and accomodation for 70-90 persons. They also has offshore Crane installed with active heave compensation (60-70 tons). During the above projects we have gained good expirence in the renewables sector. Below you'll find a general arrangement drawing showing the Stril Server with a Uptime gangway innstalled midship and vessel specifications.   

Stril Server during mobilization. Mobilization of Ampellmann.
Stril Server at a windmill working for Siemens With Ampellmann.
Published 28.09.2016
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