Stril Mariner upgrade to Field support vessel finished

An upgraded Stril Mariner sailed from Simek Flekkefjord this week after an sucsessfull upgrade. The vessel has been on the shipyard for a month beeing upgraded to a Field Support Vessel, which is to work for BP and Talisman. For more information see the news article from 21st of March this year.

The upgrade included increasing the ORO capacity (1500m3), installing oil detection radar and dispersant equipment. In addition a permanent hangar for booms and skimmers are installed. In this hangar the equipment will be stored safe and dry indoor, and will be ready for use in now time.
BP and Talisman has also equipped the Stril Mariner with a Daughter Craft. The Daughter Craft will have sufficient power to help getting the oil boom into the sea and it can even hold it in position until towing vessel arrives. This reduced the response time even more, as all necessary functions with regards to oil recovery can be served by the Stril Mariner. Stril Mariner also has stand by certificate and FIFI equipment, which also is a part of the Area field support preparedness.

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