Stril Mariner upgrade to Area field support vessel

BP and Talisman has decided to increase the oil spill preparedness in the south of the North Sea by permanently installing NOFO equipment onboard the Stril Mariner.

Permanently installed oil spill equipment will give a much quicker response time in case of an oil spill accident. Stril Mariner will become the first Area Field Support Vessel in the south part of the North Sea. It will from may 2012 cover Valhall, Hod, Gyda, Ula, Tambar, Yme og Varg.
Stril Mariner is to be upgraded to NOFO 2009, which includes increased ORO capacity (1500m3), oil detection radar and dispersant equipment. In addition a major upgrade, in order to install a permanent hangar for booms and skimmers, will be done. In this hangar the equipment will be stored safe and dry indoor, and will be ready for use in now time.
BP and Talisman has also decided to equip the Stril Mariner with a “Daughter Craft”. The Daughter Craft will have sufficient power to help getting the oil boom into the sea and it can even hold it in position until towing vessel arrives. This reduced the response time even more, as all necessary functions with regards to oil recovery can be served by the Stril Mariner.
Stril Mariner also has stand by certificate and FIFI equipment, which also is a part of the Area field support preparedness.
Simon Møkster Shipping’s strategy is to provide its customers with a range of services spanning from rescue, oil recovery, supply, towing and fire fighting. Møkster has always been a major player in the area preparedness segment and are therefore very proud of the opportunity to develop Stril Mariner into an Area field support vessel together with important clients like BP and Talisman. The project has been developed through a good cooperation between NOFO, Møkster, BP and Talisman.
The Upgrade will be done at Simek in Flekkefjord. It was Simek who build and delivered the vessel in October 2009.
BP and Talisman has a long perspective on the area field support in the southern part of the north sea. The contract with Stril Mariner is until November 2016, with four years options.

Stril Mariner has the following capacities:

• Oilrecovery (1500m3)
• Rescue 300 personer
• Clean design

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