Stril Luna recives Polar Code certfication

Simon Møkster Shipping has together with Statoil certified Stril Luna for the new Polar Code requirements. This means that Simon Møkster now have two vessels certified according to the Polar Code.
In addition to Stril Luna the vessel, Stril Polar has received the certificate. This development of vessels equipped for harsh environments are a part of the company’s main strategy.

Both Simon Møkster and Statoil are pleased to be a part of further development of maritime operations in the North. Stril Luna will be used in a Oil Spill excersis North of Bjørnøy in March/April. Stril Luna becomes the first vessel on contract with Statoil who has the Polar Code certificate and Simon Møkster is very pleased to be a part of this. Push the link below to see the aticle in

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