Møkster and SMSC wins DP Award

CONGRATULATIONS!! SMSC and Simon Møkster Shipping wins DP training award for their joint effort in use and Development of the OTS system.

Offshore Support Journal (OSJ) hosts an annual conference London. At this event “Awards” were handed over to winners in various categories. For 2016, har SMSC i Trondheim won the award for  DP systems with the “Offshore Training System (OTS)”, which is developed in co-operation with Simon Møkster Shipping (SMS). SMS has contributed with DP competence, user interface and onsite testing of the system at Strilmøy. Thanks to all personnel that has been involved underway and especially to them that actually has used the system at Strilmøy.

Attached please find link to the OSJ Conference and to SMSC homepage.




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