Stril Explorer in the Black Sea

Stril Explorer has recently been part of a research Project, which aim was to locate the archaeological, historical and natural historical development of the seabed close to Bulgaria. Several Universities and Research institutions have been apart to the project. In addition to Stril Explorer, Reach and MMT has used their largest and most modern underwater vehicle, Surveyor Interceptor for the Project. The operations has also been filmed and a program will be broadcasted on television later this year.

The Project has been a success, and is a great example of the variety of the possibilities, also outside the oil sector. The response from the film crew of Blacksea films
was very good and the following feedback where given

I have been on board many ships, both sail and power, in my life.  That includes a voyage on the original Queen Elizabeth from the UK to New York back in 1966!  But I have never been aboard a better run vessel and have certainly never encountered such a fantastic and can-do team.  It is a perfect example of how people of different disciplines and cultural backgrounds can collaborate to create a wonderfully multinational team. The Stril Explorer is a self-contained world in which everyone feels completely secure.

Stril Explorer in the Black Sea.

Launching of the ROV.

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