Collaborative exercise - Simon Møkster Shipping and Kirkenes harbour

On the 7th of June 2017, Simon Møkster Shipping AS and the harbor of Kirkenes conducted a large collaborative ISPS exercise.  

The scenario for the exercise was:
tank ship on its way from Varandey in Russia has ended up having engine problems and has to be towed by Strilborg into Varangerfjord. After finishing the operation, Strilborg goes into Kirkenes harbor. When Strilborg arrives Kirkenes and is moored quayside, one of the crew members believes he has seen some unknown persons on board. There is a rumour on board that there are blind passengers on board and that they may have come from the tanker.

The scenario develops into a hostage situation where three persons onboard the Strilborg becomes injured and the police has to board the ship.

Prior to the exercise, many mails has been sent out to all participants with information to support this scenario.

The exercise was conducted according to a given turntable and lasted from 0900 to 1400.

The following parties were involved:

  • Simon Møkster Shipping AS
  • Strilborg
  • Kirkenes Havn
  • Nordic Crisis Management
  • Finnmark politidistrikt
  • Kirkenes Brannvesen
  • Tschudi bulk terminal
  • Henriksen Shipping
  • Kirkenes AMK sentral / Kirkenes sykehus
  • Kystverkets hovedkontor
  • Brevik VTS
  • Kystverkets lokal avdeling i Kirkenes (observatører)
  • Sjøfartsdirektoratet
  • Hovedredningssentralen i Nord
  • Hovedredningssentralen i Sør
  • Indre Kystvakt, KV Farm
  • Kirkenes Lotteforening

It was a very well conducted and planned exercise from all involved parties.


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