Simon Møkster Shipping is the first shipping company to install Unified Bridge

The Unified bridge solution will represent a new and improved workplace for the crew on the bridge. Improved ergonomics, varied posture, simplified operations and increased safety are key words to the new bridge solution.

The new Rolls-Royce bridge systems have been designed specifically around the needs of the operator, through an extensive study of the human-machine interface (HMI). Safety, performance, simplicity and proximity are core design principles incorporated into the system design. We at Simon Møkster Shipping culture and tradition of being involved in the development of innovative solutions in collaboration with equipment suppliers and shipyards. "Unified Bridge" is a concept that takes the work situation on the bridge seriously and this will improve safety and working conditions on board. We are confident that together with our good partners, Astilleros Gondan and Rolls-Royce, will make a bridge never before seen, says Nils Liaaen, COO of Simon Møkster Shipping AS.

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