Simon Møkster Shipping AS awarded Statoil contract

Simon Møkster Shipping AS has been awarded a contract with Statoil for a long-term charter of a platform supply vessel (UT776 WP). The contract is for a fixed period of 3 years, with 3 x 1 year options. A new build which now will be contracted will be used for the contract.

Commencement of the contract will be after delivery of the new build in the summer of 2014. Statoil is a major customer for Simon Møkster and this agreement consolidates Simon Møkster's position as a long term supplier to Statoil. The vessel, which is a WP UT776 design, will be built with NOFO 2009, Ice-1C, De-Ice and Rescue class. This is in line with Simon Møkster's strategy to increase its activity in the northern regions. Simon Møkster is planning to recruit the vessels crew, which will consist of approximately 30 persons, from the northern area of Norway. Simon Møksters recruitment will be done from Møksters office in Hammerfest, i.e. Møkster Polar, which was started last year. This Statoil contract will give a positive contribution to Simon Møksters new office in Hammerfest. The vessel will also be built according to Simon Møkster's philosophy of having an environmentally friendly fleet. Much effort has been put into fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. In line with Statoil's requirements, the vessel will have a large deck area (> 1000m2), large under-deck capacity and excellent station keeping capabilities.

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